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A President, an Attorney General, a Senator, and so much more.

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Today the JFK Library unveiled a new display of original Superman artwork featuring President Kennedy. “Superman’s Mission for President Kennedy,” drawn by legendary comic book artist Al Plastino, was written in collaboration with the Kennedy White House in an effort to promote the President’s initiative encouraging physical fitness. The ten original storyboards are on display for the first time through May 31, 2014. (SUPERMAN ™ and © DC Comics.) Learn more here:

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Handwritten sketch plans for the East Garden drawn by Rachel “Bunny” Mellon on small blue paper. Ms. Mellon designed and planted a number of significant gardens, including the White House Rose Garden, and was a close friend of Mrs. Kennedy.

On Monday, Ms. Mellon passed away at the age of 103.

From the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Personal Papers, Box SF29, “Subject files: Mellon, Bunny: Rose Garden book, Christmas 1966”


"And so it is that our two nations, divided by distance, have been united by history. No people ever believed more deeply in the cause of Irish freedom than the people of the United States."


President Kennedy, Address to the Joint Houses of Oireachtas,
June 18, 1963

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Roger Hilsman, a foreign policy adviser to President Kennedy who helped draft a cable giving American support to a coup against President Ngo Dinh Diem of South Vietnam, died on Feb. 23.

Along with Michael Forrestal of the National Security Council and W. Averell Harriman, undersecretary of state for political affairs, Hilsman drafted Cable 243. Read the cable above, which was sent from the State Department to US Ambassador to South Vietnam, Henry Cabot Lodge. The cable was a turning point in US-Vietnam relations.

Read more Vietnam files in our digital archives here:


"It is an intolerable situation, that there is no argument about.”

President Kennedy comments on the shock of this photograph at several points during a May 1963 meeting and states with frustration, “I mean what law can you pass to do anything about police power in the community of Birmingham?”

Walter Lee Fowlkes, the subject of this press photograph by Bill Hudson of a police dog lunging at a civil rights protester in Birmingham, Alabama, passed away on February 13th.

Listen to President Kennedy’s secretly recorded tape from this meeting here:

(Photo by Billy Hudson/Associated Press)

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Before there was “Let’s Move!”, there was President Kennedy’s Official U.S. Physical Fitness Program. Check out this sample of pages above, including some sample exercises and hilarious tips!

President Kennedy’s fitness curriculum was devised by the President’s Council on Youth Fitness, with the cooperation of nineteen major U.S. educational and medical organizations. Two hundred thousand copies were distributed at no cost and another 40,000 were sold. The council engaged in a sweeping drive to achieve widespread participation in the program for the 1961–1962 school year.

A core group of almost a quarter of a million schoolchildren took part in pilot projects in six states. At the end of the year, half again as many students passed a physical fitness test as had a year earlier. Furthermore, there was a general improvement of physical education programs around the country.

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"A President ought not to appoint a Man to office because he is his relation; nor ought he to refuse or neglect to appoint him for that reason. There would be no Justice to the Individual, to the President himself, nor to the Nation in such a Rule." -A letter from President Adams to President James Madison on the subject of nepotism in political appointments.

One of our most fascinating collections here at the Kennedy Library is our  historical documents collection, which consists of copies of letters and other documents which were written by historical figures. These documents were either purchased by John F. Kennedy, or given to him as a gift.

Included are letters from Presidents George Washington, John Adams, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, and William Howard Taft. Also included is a copy of a speech delivered by Daniel Webster in the United States Senate.

You can browse through this fully digitized collection here: